Central European Round Table – Report

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as announced, the website with the documents and downloads of the 12th CERT is now almost finished (except the presentation from Sofia that is coming soon), and you can find some photos, too:
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20.-22.2016 Vienna, Green House

“Contested Democracy” – authoritarianism and grassroots mobilization in East and South-East European countries

IMG_0114 IMG_0116IMG_0112

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Thats the point!

Equal Pension for equal work – equal pension for Women now


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Gender Pension Gap

“Fair income opportunities for women and men: reducing the gender gap in pensions

Inequalities in access to economic resources in old age are immense, and women pensioners face higher risks of poverty in old age as compared to men despite the fact that prohibition of di erential treatment en- titles women and men to equal conditions in respect to old-age pensions. (European Commission, 2013a; Frericks and Maier, 2008; Ginn, 2004). Assessing gender inequalities in pensions and addressing them is crucial, as women constitute the majority of the ageing population due to their higher life expectancy. Furthermore, the consideration of the gender gap in pensions constitutes a logical extension of concerns with wage inequalities. Nevertheless, the gender gap in pensions has only recently gained the attention of academia and policy-makers (Adami, Gough and Theophilopoulou, 2013; European Commission, 2013a; Folbre, Shaw and Stark, 2005).” http://eiges.europa.eu

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Rights of Older People and Children

IMG_0057Rights of Older People and Children

House of the European Union, Vienna 23 September 2016


Dr. Monika Vana, Member of the European Parliament

Mag. Helmut Sax, Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights, Vienna

DSA Monika Pinterits, Lawyer for Children and Young Adults

Judith Schwentner, Member of the Austrian Parliament

Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel, Member of the City Council of Vienna

Chair Doris Eisenriegler, Chairwoman of the Austrian Green Seniors

The Green Seniors were guests at this event at the House of the European Union in Vienna. The venue of this event was already indicative of the global aspect of these issues. At the beginning, the participants in the panel made statements stressing the importance that the rights of children and elderly persons should be focused onequally.

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View over the fence

Walkability – make cities senior-friendly


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Day of older Person – every year


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Fasten your seat belts

Fasten your seat belts, here comes the REAL boogie man! Just enjoy

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Do it together – Young and old People on her way

Dutch pragmatism at its best! Meet Humanitas, the Dutch old-folks home in Deventer where students can live for free if they agree to spend at least 30 hours a month socialising with the older residents.


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Silver Economy – Innovation on EU-level

Silver Generation – what are the values? For whom?

The Silver Economy – Innovation Union – European Commission

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