Successful event about age-friendly city in Hamburg!

Christas presentation of the statements of 320 older people in 16 Hamburg suburbs

The big closing event for the “Age-friendly City” (Age-friendly City of the World Health Organisation) attracted many people in town! Christa Möller-Metzger, our senior citizens’ policy spokesperson for the Green parliamentary group and board member of European Green Seniors, had invited 150 people and the large hall in the town hall was packed!
Christa presented the results from a total of 16 events in various neighbourhoods. And the green 2nd Mayor of Hamburg was on hand to answer the participants’ open questions and requests.

The participation events

One of the 16 participation events

Chris started the series on age-friendliness in 2022 during the coronavirus pandemic because she wanted to know: How age-friendly is Hamburg at the moment? Each time she asked older people at the events: What should change to enable a good life in old age? What is already good and where is there still room for improvement in your neighbourhood?

A total of 320 over-60s took part in the participation events, discussing and writing down their wishes and ideas.

Chris received support from Hafencity University, which organised master’s theses and seminars on the topic of age-friendly cities.

So important, as they are the next urban planners who have already dealt with the age-friendly city!

The network

Over 1550 cities and municipalities worldwide are members of the WHO network, including districts and entire countries such as Canada.

Germany lagged a little behind for a while, while in Switzerland, for example, almost 30 cities from Basel to Zurich have become members, which also network and exchange information with each other.

Three German cities are now members of the network, others are waiting in the wings – and Hamburg is one of them. There are even already considerations as to how the first cities in Germany can also exchange information with each other. Hamburg is catching up!

And that’s a good thing: Demographic change is here to stay, one in four people is already over 60 years old and the over-80 age group in particular is growing the fastest.

The results

Translation: 1. Barrier-free footpaths (e-scooters)
2. Accessible doctors
2. age-friendly friendly benches
3. open meeting places without consumption
4. Encounters between the generations
5. No exclusion through digitalisation
6. affordable housing
6. Counselling for all life situations
7. Illuminated pavements
8. Separation of pedestrian and cycle traffic
8. Risk of tripping on pavements
8. Affordable senior citizen ticket for bus and train
9. Barrier-free flats
10. More toilets

Five major themes emerged from the events:
Meeting places, medical care, neighbourhoods and housing, and mobility. Digitalisation played a major role in all groups.
All responses were analysed and summarised in a word cloud (see photo above). And in the end, the message was crystal clear: the issue of footpaths is a top priority for older people in all districts!

The ranking of the most important topics overall (photo above). Chris is already working on many of these issues, but one thing is clear: becoming an age-Trafriendly city is a process that needs to be constantly developed! The GREENS will keep at it!

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