Declaration of Brussels

Declaration of Brussels
towards a European Network of Green Seniors (ENGS)
agreed on the 7th of December 2005 (reviewed September 2019)


The percentage of older people in Europe is increasing, and they are growing more active. This demographic phenomenon obviously creates various problems. These cannot be solved without the active co-operation of seniors, whose knowledge and experience can create new input. We want to encourage seniors to express their opinions openly to give this input.
We demand that seniors should be able to influence political decisions and solutions.
We want to establish an open discussion about those topics to the younger generation, especially the Young Greens! A political programme solely targeted on the views of senior citizens would be too limited.
In 2003 Green Parties from all European countries decided to co-operate within one European Green Party, in diversity. This decision offers an opportunity to elaborate solutions for problems which need a European approach. In our opinion, European Green Seniors must have their own input into this procedure.


A well organized input is only possible when European Green Seniors are in common and regular consultation about: ecology, social security, healthcare, employment, food care, mobility, multiculturalism, pensions and other actual problems and our specific fields of interest like whole life learning, voluntary work and a sustainable society.
Out of these consultations common “inclusive” points of view can be fostered which can inspire the political work of the Green Fraction in European Parliament.
By common and sustaining actions, we will be able to empower our points of view and to make them public on a larger scale.
Finally, we will work for the translation of Green European directives (in general, and specifically regarding senior problems) at other levels.


Common consultations and discussions will give us a chance to gain an insight in, and reckon with specific problems in the regions and how they are handled. This contact will also contribute to a better understanding and to mutual respect.
The exchange of experiences can contribute to the start of new green senior organizations in other regions.
But first of all, consultations of European Green Seniors will enable us to elaborate common points of view regarding preceding topics and to bring them into the European Parliament by our Green representatives.
In this way, in the long term, it will be possible to establish common rights and duties for seniors in Europe.

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