History of the ENGS

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History of the ENGS

7.12.2005    Founded in the EU-Parliament in Brussels with representatives of  8 parties from 7 countries.They endorsed the “Declaration of Brussels”.

26.6.2006  2nd General Meeting in the Landtag (NRW Parliament),Dusseldorf with representatives of 9 parties from 8 countries.

13/14.10.2006   ENGS was represented at the EGP-Congress in Geneva,Switzerland with an own stand in front of the meeting auditorium.

28.-30.12.2006   Executive Committee meets in Vienna as guests of the IGS(Iniative Grüne SeniorInnen) and of the DGS (Die GrüneSeniorInnen) to organize the next general meeting.

18/19.5.2007    Executive Committee meets in Brussels with representatives from 9 parties. First reading and discussion on the ENGS-Manifesto.

12.-14.10.2007  3rd General Meeting in Vienna, combined with a fringe meeting at the EGP Council meeting and a climate change demonstration in the Vienna shopping area, attended for the first time by representatives from Malta, Romania, the Czech Republic and Ireland.

19.-21.12.2007   Executive Committee meets in Mulheim an der Ruhr (Germany) as guests of the Grüne Alten. The ENGS-Manifesto is finalized and the  action points for 2008 are defined.

11-13.04.2008  During the EGP Council in Ljubljana-Slovenia, ENGS became the official status of “EGP-Observer”

26-27.09.2008  4th General Meeting in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Statutes were approved for ENGS to become a INPO- International Non Profit Organisation.

25-26.03.2009   5th General Meeting in the European Parliament in BrusselsFringe meeting “ Against increasing liberalisation of social services in Europe” . ENGS elected his new “ Board” for the next 3 years.

10.08.2009    Recognition ENGS as International Non Profit Organisation – INPO , under the Belgian register number 0818.851.234

15-18.10.2009   6th General Meeting in Malmö Sweden – ENGS sends a delegate to the European Working Group on “ the Future of the EGP” – Fringe meeting on  “Senior Citizens Rights” – start European Workgroup with a White Book on “ Another Ageing is Possible”

18.-19.03.2010   Board Meeing at the 12th EGP-Council Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, Participation with a fringe meeting under the title: “Happiness as an Aspect of a new Ageing – Another Ageing is Possible”

3.-4.03.2010    Board Meeting in Antwerpen, Meeting with GEF (Green European Foundation) – Support of White Paper

1. – 4.07. 2010    Participation of three delegates at ESF (European SocialForum) in Istanbul – Presentation of the White Paper in a Workshop, distribution of questionnaires with questions from the White Paper

10.-13.08.2010  Participation at 2nd Global Young Greens Congress in Berlin, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Schumanstr. 8, presentation of the White Paper, distibution of questionnaiers
29. 07.- 01.08.2010    Participation of ENGS  in Beire-Pamplona-Spain at the occasion of the “ Universidad de Verano de Los Verdes – Navarra 2010” ,lecture and discussion about “ENGS-Green Seniors

19-20.08.2010  Journées d’été du rassemblement écologiste– Nantes, France –presentation Senior working – start up of a French Green SenioGroup – Jocelyne Le Boulicaut takes the lead, attended by Tony Coreman

 07.-10.10.2010   Board-and 7th General- and Fringe Meeting at the occasion of the 13th EGP Council in Tallinn, Estonia –Election of 2 new board members and a new vice-chairwoman , Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel and a new treasurer, Ria Kaatee. Presentation of our new website : www.greenseniors.eu , distribution of questionnaires for White Paper, Tony Cooreman congratulated Dr. Wilhelm Knabe, the co-founder of ENGS to his 87th birthday in the hall of the Council. Wilhelms  words of thanks included his life with retrospect and prospects for young and old.

  ENGS welcomes two new ENGS members: France -“Commission                          Vieillesse et Solidarité entre les Générations”with Jocelyne Le      Boulicaut as chairwoman and Spain –“Red de Verdes  Mayores ”   with the chairwoman Annette Muggenthaler.        

 Fringe Meeting “ Another Ageing for Europe!”with  guest                                        speaker Didier Coeurnelle from Ecolo -Belgium

 December 2010     Published by Green European Foundation for ENGS:“Another Ageing for Europe! –ENGS White Paper with Ageing Compass and Happy Ageing Indicators” and the financial support of the European Parliament.

 17./18.02.2011           Board Meeting, Groen! Secretariaat, Statiestraat 146 – 2600 Berchem – Antwerpen, Belgium

02.04.2011                 Fringe Meeting Budapest, Hungaria “Elderly People Now and Elderly People in the Future – The Social Dimension of Ageing“

11.+12.11.2011    7th General Meeting and Board Meeting in Paris, France at the EGP-Congress     

 11.-13.11.2011      Starting in Paris, France the YOU TUBE Film with the theme: Why should Seniors vote for European Green Parties? Title: “European Seniors go Green”  with the song: I am green,green,green…. with prominent European politicians

10.05.2013  8th Board Meeting at 16th Council meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

11.05.2012  Fringe Meeting at 16th Council Meeting in Copenhagen:

“Age Friendly Cities” guest speaker with Jean Lambert from London MEP and Pierre Hemon, deputy mayor of Lyon, France, and presenter Jocelyne Le Boulicaut

 09.11.2012  9th Board Meeting (7.30 – 10.00h) and General Meeting(18.00 – 19.00h) at 17th Council Meeting of EGP in Athens, Greece

10.11.2012  Fringe Meeting at 17th Council Meeting of EGP in Athens, Greece

“From Age Friendly Cities to an Age Friendly Europe”presenter Jocelyne Le Boulicaut

 16.03.2013   10th Extra Board Meeting (10.00 to 17.00 h) in offices of Groen in Antwerpen, Berchem, Belgium

 10.05.2013 11th Board Meeting (11.30 to 13.40 h) at Council of EGP in Madrid,   

10.05.2013  General Assembly (11.00 to 12.45 h) at EGP-Council in Madrid

 10.05.2013  Fringe Meeting (14.00 to 15.30 h) in Madrid, Spain  “Age Discrimination is still a Serious Offense”

08.11.2013    Board Meeting  (16.30 to 18.30 h)  at the EGP-Council in Brussels, Belgium

21.03.2014   Extra Board Meeting (9,35 to 22,35 + 13,40 to 14,35) in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

 07.11. 2014  Board Meeting (14,00 to 16,00 h) and General Meeting(10,30 to 12,30 h) in Istanbul, Turkey. Four themes are in future our special themes:

- Declaration of Senior Citizens Rights

- Age Discrimination

- Age Poverty

- A Pension Model for Europe

General Assembly: We decided to work with a new concept: We get in contact to European Politicians who are responsible for generation policy and wish a good exchange.

 07.11.2014    We had the workshop (19.00 to 21.00 h) for all generations in Istanbul, Turkey: “How to create a successful election campaign?” with Johannes Hillje, campaigne manager, European Greens, Brussels 

2015: After the Terrorist Attack in Paris we must close our ENGS meeting in Lyon without fringe meeting

May 2016 ENGS in Utrecht: our brand new board was elected – please use the link “Who we are”

Fringe meeting Solidarity and Freedom for Europe – clear words, clear position – what holds Europe together?