What we as ENGS stand for

An open and tolerant society
Democracy has to be encouraged at all levels of society. We don’t compromise on human rights, pluralism, nondiscrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and gender equality. Democracy also means that women must participate on equal terms and be represented equally in EU institutions. Equal rights must be also guaranteed for LGTB+ citizens. We will fight for effective anti-discrimination policies, so we can overcome inequality.


We want a Europe that protects people in need. For this, we’ll work for a fair and just asylum system with legal access points that puts the needs of asylum seeker at its centre. All EU member states have responsibilities under the Geneva Convention. We will make sure that Europe doesn’t add reasons for people to seek refuge.
Migrants must not be treated as second-class citizens. We want to open up legal paths for migration. We will push to protect migrants’ access to employment, social services and healthcare across the EU. Migrants contribute both financially and culturally to the EU – we must encourage them to participate in society whenever possible.
Let’s work together for a Europe that involves and protects its people.

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