Webinar European Green Seniors

Our session today went differently than planned, so we did talk just a little about mobility, but it was still very informative and exciting. Unfortunately, the invitations had not gone out due to technical problems, so we sat together in a small group. The UK, Sweden, Finland and Germany were represented and had a great exchange. While the UK and Finnish representatives complained about declining numbers of Green voters, the latter also about a very low turnout overall, Swedish and German Green Seniors were pleased about the strong growth in membership numbers, especially among older people. In Sweden, there will probably soon be more Green Seniors than Young Greens – although the downer is that young people are moving to the right.

A nice development: To avoid this, in Finland, seniors and youth are now working together and meet regularly for joint activities. In Sweden, the Seniors are trying to reach the youth via Tik Tok, and the OMAS group against the RIGHT is currently doing the same in Germany.

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