Thanks for all the votes to my first candicay for parliament Austria

I have in my first time candidacy National Council on 7 Place the Vienna list out a personal preference votes of election.

We didnt got more then 5 green mandats for Vienna, but it was a great elecetion campaigne and I was proud to be part of the game with this very good positon.

The more I am pleased with all the Vienna preferential votes, which I got. If I knew the names of all those who have shown me so that their personal confidence, I would like to thank individually.

Yes green generation policy is and remains my concern – and a top-topic. Against poverty, destruction of our living environment, education opportunities and a green future with quality of life and autonomy for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. Much we have begun achieved much and much before us.


Thank you – and a successful time together, because after the elections is before the elections.

Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel

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