Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

The Christmas tree in the old city hall of Hamburg

Wars, crises, a shift to the right in Europe and many other countries, 2023 was not an easy year!

This makes it all the more important to pause for a moment over the holidays, to have time for family and friends and to recharge our batteries for everything that awaits us in the coming year. We won’t let it get us down and look ahead, because a lot of positive things have happened.

Alternative energies are gaining momentum, and in Dubai the global community made a commitment to phase out oil, fossil gas and coal by 2050 and to triple the expansion of renewable energies. The fund for irreversible losses and damage caused by the climate crisis (“Loss and Damage Fund”) was finalised on the first day of negotiations. Even if we would have liked more, a start has been made.

All these issues will continue to occupy us, and we will tackle them after the break.Merry Christmas and a a hopefully more peaceful year 2024!

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