Final preparations

There are only three weeks to go until the EGP Congress in Lyon, and we have a lot planned: We have tabled two amendments on ageism and age-friendly cities and on peace. We also want to invite people to Lyon to discuss both topics. We are also preparing a short statement to make it clear to the European Greens before the European elections what role the groups of older people will play – today and in the future. Demographic change is here and the group of older people is growing continuously. We have to be prepared for this, because elections can only be won if we specifically address the 60-plus generation. And we, the European Green Seniors, are of course best placed to do this.
We also have some organisational plans, for example we want to change our name to European Green Seniors. Previously we were called the European Network of Green Seniors. We don’t think the name fits, as we don’t see ourselves as a network, but as part of the EGP.
The congress will take place from 2 to 5 February at the Centre de Congrès.

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