Corona update from Finland and Hamburg

AFE04EB8-2623-40AF-B715-D55A4804AB69_1_105_cShort report from Reino from Finland: “In fact the corona situation is quite good but the authorities are very much afraid about the second wave. Finland has almost isolated itself with the request on the maximum number of infections (8) per two weeks. There are only three other countries in Europe that meet this rule, and not any of your countries are included in this group – sorry.
This fear means also that one third of the people use masks at least in metro and reproach the others. The authorities quarrel between each other and the public doesn’t know which rules or recommendations are in force and which not. The tv and press are full of news, columns and discussions about the corona from all countries around the world – only two other items are included: Belorussia and Trump.
Not very pleasant time, now. And worse might be coming.”
Note from Hamburg, Germany from Christa: “The numbers are going up again – in the worst of times it was around 220 a day, then it went down to zero during the holidays – and since the travelers have returned to town, the numbers have been increasing. We are currently at around 25 to 30 new infections. Like Reino, I believe that it will get worse in autumn and winter. People in nursing homes can be visited for three hours a week, schools and daycare centers are open, masks are worn on buses and trains. On the other hand, in Berlin 38,000 people protested against corona restrictions, many of them right-wing extremists, who are using the situation for their own purposes. Bad! For me, wearing a mask means protection for me and everbody else. Particularly important for all risk groups!”
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