Report from ESF Istanbul, 2nd – 4th july 2010

Report from ESF Istanbul, 2nd – 4th july 2010:

I attended our ENGS-workshop “White paper-draft”, seminar “learning together”, assembly “east – west”, final assembly today.

report for the questionnaire:

30 interview-partners from austria,germany, switzerland, czech, france, spain, sweden, UK, belgique, australia, turkey, belrusia, kasachstan

age: from 19 till 69

mostly women


main topics could added indicators are:


Elderly Migrants



(most of them agree with our indicators, especially age discrimination)

main points for good policies:


Safe Pensionsystems (no standstill in time of increasing prices and poverty)

Special programs for elderly migrants (language training for people with no experience in learning new things)

Citizen rights for elderly people

Policy for fighting age-poverty

the list with details (country, age, gender, answers for 3 questions and a list with mailadresses) is handwritten and will send from vienna to tony soon as possible.

I think, we should give some more question to the expert-meeting, as you agree:

1) How can green policy support intergenerationality? Special programms and models are available?

2) Green programm for basic income for elderly people (we have this model in our election programm for vienna with the name: Grüne Grundsicherung im Alter)

3) Green Policy programm for elderly migrants. Which special problems do elderly migrants have and how they can be supported for her live in her new countries.

4) Citizen rights for elderly – see austrian 10 articels, based on human rights. Elderly citizens need rights for a secure life and human dignity

report: Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel

board member ENGS

6. july 2010

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