The new board is elected!

Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-28 um 12.57.33Vice chair: Frank Hauser, Germany (last row, in the middle)

Treasurer: Kris Fierence, Belgium (3rd row, on the left)

General Secretary: Reino Lampinen, Finland (4th row, on the right)

Responsible for web/facebook: Christa Möller, Germany (1st row, in the middle)

Member of the board: Agneta Granström, Sweden (absent)

Member of the board: Irmgard Seidler, Austria (2nd row, on the right)

Member of the board: Erwin Schaefer, UK (2nd row, on the left)

The President/ chair is still vacant, but we are working on this!

Many thanks to Vivianne for doing a wonderful job over the past nine years!

And to good cooperation in the new team!

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