Men`s Health Report (Germany)

Here is the explanation by German scientists why women live longer, but also remain healthy longer than men.
The fact that German men in the average get 77 years old, but die 5 years earlier than women is described by scientists in

“The first German men`s health report”.
It was published by the “Men`s Health Foundation”, Berlin and the “German Society for man and health” (DGMG) e.V. with the support of the German insurance company DKV AG.

The scientists found out that at least four of the five years have nothing to do with the biological differences. Biologically explainable is only one year. They came to the conclusion that men lead an unhealthy lifestyle and consequently are therefore physically and mentally more exposed to illnesses than in the average the women and that thereby also social and cultural factors play a role.
Men`s nutrition is more unhealthy, as they eat more meat and less fruit and vegetables, they are often drunk and smoke more. They go less to the doctor and they more seldom do not consider preventive measures such as cancer screening or the cardiovascular check every two years. It is still too often regarded as masculine not to pay attention to one`s health. Men are masters in the displacement of mental and physical troubles and rarely talk about their feelings.
Men have a five times higher risk of cardiac infarction than women. They also suffer more often from the following diseases:
Lung cancer, alcohol abuse, liver disease caused by alcohol abuse, diabetes, obesity and gout.
There is also a big difference with mental disorders that among men are often not recognized or concealed. While in these cases women respond with anxiety, depression or psychosomatic disorders, among men these illnesses often manifest themselves through consumption of alcohol, other drugs, violence or personality disorders.
On the job men are also far more exposed to the dangers of injuries and accidents, do more hard physical labor and suffer to a greater extent from wear and tear.
A further factor is that men are more under stress, because many men tend to completely do everything for their careers, as they exploit themselves through overtime. Especially, when they take on the breadwinner role after the birth of a child, this behavior can be observed.
Health researchers argue that the screening and treatment services need to be better oriented to the needs of the men, but also see that the men have the duty to intervene themselves and to take responsibility for their health.
Green politics must engage itself that conditions for a healthier life are created, whether
– By more medical orientation to the specific needs of men of all ages
– Through increased health education
– By questioning the wrong role models
– By promoting less working hours per week in the employment contracts
– By flexible working hours, especially for older employees
– By requiring earlier retirement for people in professions that require hard physical labor
– By replacing fixed-term contracts with permanent contracts also for older people

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