Last week of election campaigning in Germany

Campaigning in Niendorf
Feminist Fight Club with Ricarda Lang

One more week of election campaigns in Germany, the Greens 60plus of Hamburg are everywhere in town: in every district we distribute our flyers on the good life in old age. We talk about age-friendly cities and communities, a project of the World Health Organization, about barrier-free and low-cost apartments, that have to be affordable, about the green guarantee pension, the double care guarantee. Older people often tell us about their fear of cyclists and e-scooters that they cannot hear and often see too late. We therefore want so-called protected bike lanes or protected bike paths that run separately from the street and footpath.

Livestream Rissen

It is also important to have more meeting places where people must not consume. Easy example: benches that are not just in parks, but in front of the bank and post office, at supermarkets and in squares. This creates participation and makes you more mobile if you can sit down on your way to the shop or to the bus from time to time.

Many older people are happy about a green address, the flyers are well accepted.

And the great commitment of the 60plus Group, which travels all over the city to specifically address older people, is great. And that is so important, because the demographic change has long since happened: every fourth person in Germany is over 60!

That is why we fly out flyers, do door-to-door election campaigns, are on podiums, discuss with the Green Youth in the feminist fight club and campaign really hard! One more week, a green government is possible!

Christa Möller-Metzger

60plus Volksdorf
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