Labour and Social Affairs / application – 23.05.2013


(hib / CHE) The Alliance 90/The Greens want to fight with a guarantee pension old-age poverty. This follows from an application (17/13493), in which the group complained that 14 percent of older people in 2010, had to make do with an income below the poverty line. ‘m Not decided if left unchecked, the scissors go in the retirement income further apart. Poverty in old age and the respect of basic security in old age would increase markedly in the next few years, warn MPs. They therefore require a guarantee pension, which ensures that small pension to retirees with 30 or more years of insurance will be increased to control means so that the total pension contains at least 30 credit units. In addition, all insurance periods (such as contribution periods, qualifying periods, credited periods) should be acknowledged as a condition for payment of the guarantee pension. To create an entry in a comprehensive and reliable protective against poverty social pension insurance, the guarantee pension should be paid only to pensioners first, write the Greens on.

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