Jocelyne’s Blog: Help! Last minute panic!

New entry, 30.10.2012: As I was into this hardship, I realised how things have changed …… in fact, my reaction was, “I am not going to be in a jungle … if I desperately need something like something warm … I’ll just buy it”. In fact, my main concern was not forgetting any of all the electronic appliances and their plugs and connections …… With the Chinese import, clothes have become so incredibly cheap that they have lost some of their value for us …. However, we are so … connected… that going on a journey without a smartphone ….. Kindle ….. digital camera ….. has become just unconceivable!

All our documents, books, personal contacts are on these “machines” and we don’t memorize much anymore …… I agree it is practical, it makes things readily available …. but it has reversed the value of things …… and we value more technicity than man made things  ……

Now, all this deep thinking doesn’t solve my problem …… And I wish we could do something about the climate  …   With all this technicity and globalization, why isn’t the climate globalized ? That would solve some of my problem! Imagine the same climate all over the planet!!!!!    Well, OK, it wouldn’t be that funny … Let’s say three different climates and a single one for Europe! That would be enough to help me just for this trip! Alright … Let’s go and do it … packing time !

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