Jocelyne Le Boulicaut: Athens Express next October 31st has already changed my life !

ENGS is going modern! First entry of Jocelyne Le Boulicaut to her blog:

“I was so excited that I posted the news on my Facebook straight away .. without considering what it really meant … but then … I started realising and becoming impressed and that is how it has changed my life :

I realised I would need a Smartphone, up to now I had resisted …. keeping my mobile ( 4 years old … must be a record !) but if I want to Tweet and Facebook photos … well I have to be modern … so here I am, entering the 21st century world with my first smartphone ever.

Second, I realised, I would not be able to carry my library with me …… and that  I did need an ebook machine …. it took me three days to choose … and a Kindle Touch it will be ….. and I have already made a choice, my first book will be «My family and other animals» as it is the story of Gerald Durrell’s childhood in Corfu.

Then, I had thought I would fly to Athens a few days in advance to get the feeling of what is going on in Greece ….. but no … I’ll get there just on time for the EGP Council … so I decided to extend my stay and couchsurf. I found a host in Milos (;-)! I know you are all envying me for now!).

And at the moment I am deep into Agatha Christie’s Novels, trying to figure out how a detective can be Green. Because of course, the longer you travel on a train, the more you take chances of witnessing a crime. No ? That was only fiction ? These stories were not true life ?

Well, never mind, I am sure lots of exciting things will happen, lots of new people to meet, new friends to have ……

Now it is time to start working on the trip. I am going to email all the contacts I have in the countries we will be stopping by and meet Seniors to convince them to Go Green !

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