Invitation to the General Assembly in Tampere, Finland 8-10. November 2019

4 October 2019

Dear representatives of Green Seniors

You are cordially invited to the next General Assembly (GA) on the European Network of Green Seniors. The Assembly will convene Saturday 9 November 2019 at 13.00 – 14.15 in Tampere, Helsinki alongside the 30th meeting of EGP Council. The venue of the GA will be the venue of the EGP Council, namely Tampere-hall, Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100 Tampere, Finland.

This invitation is sent to all Member associations of the EGP. We cordially ask you to distribute this information to your Green senior’s association or, if no such association exists, to the senior members of your Party. (If there isn’t a Green Senior association in your country, we would strongly recommend establishing one. The population in all European countries is ageing and the Green movement cannot prosper if the older generations are not drawn to the activity of the Green Parties.)

In accordance with Article 6.3 of our Statutes ( the GA convenes once a year. The agenda for the meeting is the following:
1. Opening – Chair of the meeting, secretary, confirmation
2. Confirmation of entitled to vote
3. Notice to attend the GA
4. Approval of the minutes of the last GA in Berlin 2018
5. Elections of chairwoman/man, treasurer, secretary general, decision about the number of members of the Board, election of Board members in addition to the elected ones
6. Annual report for 2018 and three year report for 2016-2018
7. Financial report for 2018
8. Audit
9. GA gives approval of the period´s performance to the previous Board
10. Membership fee
11. Plan and budget and the current finances
12. Proposals from the Board
13. Motions from members
14. Other questions raised in the beginning of the meeting
15. Closure.

The Board kindly asks everyone who is interested to join the Board and in particular in the role of the chairperson for ENGS to notify her/himself by sending a CV to our Secretary General Frank Hauser by 26 October 2019 at the latest.

Vice-Chairperson Vivianne Gunnarsson

Secretary General Frank Hauser

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