Important senior citizen policy projects decided in the Hamburg budget

Great joy in Hamburg: We have approved our budget in the citizenship and can implement important issues for older people.

  1. We strengthen participation by offering training courses for tablets and smartphones especially for older people, by providing rental devices and WiFi in senior citizens’ clubs.
  2. The offers in senior citizens’ clubs are becoming more diverse and for the first time there will also be full-time support.
  3. We set up age-friendly friendship benches in all districts, against loneliness and for more mobility.

Equal participation also comes under pressure over the course of life. If in old age z. For example, when it becomes more difficult to cover distances on foot or the digitization of many areas of life requires major adjustments, the freedom to lead a self-determined life is quickly jeopardized in old age. That is why senior citizen policy is equal participatory policy for the government factions. The path we want to take is based on the idea of an “age-friendly city” as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Age-friendly benches in public spaces make a significant contribution to maintaining mobility and thus to participation in public life. With an investment program in benches that are age- and communication-friendly, we are making a contribution to the quality of life, especially for older people who are no longer so good on their feet and often need a breather. In particular, they should be located on footpaths, in public parks and recreation areas and in busy squares, in front of supermarkets, banks or medical centers.

Age-friendly benches are equipped with side and backrests and have a seat height and seat depth of over 50 cm, which makes it easier to stand up. The benches are particularly inviting and communication-friendly if they are marked as “friendship benches” and are easily recognizable in a uniform color scheme.

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