Green Senior Meeting

Left to right: Kris from Belgium, Christa from Germany, Reino from Finland, Irmgard from Austria, Agneta from Sweden, Erwin from UK and Pirkko from Finland

Yeah, we have a new member, Pirkko from Helsinki, Finland!

Wonderful to have you by our side, dear Pirkko, welcome! Pirkko is a co-opted member until she is elected by us. But already actively involved. She will replace Reino, who is still standing behind her as a mentor for the time being. Good this way!

We discussed our Elderly Care Resolution paper and made good progress. Now it will be sharpened up a little and will then be distributed to all green delegates of the respective countries. To be – hopefully – adopted at the EGP Council in Riga.

Our next meeting will be during the Council, some of us will be there, others via video conference. Then we also have to discuss our roles at ENGS, it will be exciting. Thanks for the good preparation and organization, Kris!

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