Good News from Germany

The federal green seniors started together with the federal executive board of greens a process to win more older people in Germany for the green seniors. Green Senior Groups are to be founded in each federal state, each of which should send 2 delegates to the Green Senior’s Council. This procedure is to be decided at one of the next delegate conferences. It’s progressing!

Green Seniorspokeswoman in the Hamburg Parliament Christa Möller-Metzger in Hamburg together with the 2.Mayor Katharina Fegebank

And in Hamburg, the Greens are starting a program process. The party would like to address more people with a migration background, with little income and older people! Finally! If we don’t want to linger around at 15%, we urgently need to do so.

In the city parliament we are starting we are starting with a series of green events that will probably include 15 individual workshops dealing with age-friendly cities. In co-creation with the eldly people in different suburbs. Yeah, we are on a good way!

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