Gender Pension Gap

“Fair income opportunities for women and men: reducing the gender gap in pensions

Inequalities in access to economic resources in old age are immense, and women pensioners face higher risks of poverty in old age as compared to men despite the fact that prohibition of di erential treatment en- titles women and men to equal conditions in respect to old-age pensions. (European Commission, 2013a; Frericks and Maier, 2008; Ginn, 2004). Assessing gender inequalities in pensions and addressing them is crucial, as women constitute the majority of the ageing population due to their higher life expectancy. Furthermore, the consideration of the gender gap in pensions constitutes a logical extension of concerns with wage inequalities. Nevertheless, the gender gap in pensions has only recently gained the attention of academia and policy-makers (Adami, Gough and Theophilopoulou, 2013; European Commission, 2013a; Folbre, Shaw and Stark, 2005).”

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