Brandnew ENGS-Team


Tony Cooreman (Treasure), Ute Schmitz (was our Generalsecretary for long period, thank you so much), Marjatta Donner (was our Vice-chair-woman last period, thank you so much) Vivianne Gunnarsson (new Vice-Chair-Woman), Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel (new Press Officer), Frank Hauser (new Generalsecretary), Annette Muggenthaler (new Chair-Woman), Reino Lampinen (new Legal Adviser)

We would like to thank Tom van der Wal, Walter Decoene for years of working for ENGS.

Congratulation for the new ENGS-board, we will do our best!

For Generationpolicy, Elderly rights, against Age-Discrimination, Protection for healthy enviroment for our children and grandchildren, new housing-models for  Generations…

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