A plea for more elderly rights

Unheard and unseen. How Flanders is ageing.

Recently, a Colloquium was held in the Flemish Parliament with 150 participants and a lot of Elderly Movements.

An analysis on how older people live in Flanders and how this has an impact on policymakers was presented.

This Colloquium was organized by the Platform for the Rights of the Elderly. GroenPlus (Flemish Green Seniors) participate actively on this platform with his initiator Robert Crevit (on the right) on the photo with Kris Fierens (member of GroenPlus and ENGS).

Many more people are getting older. And they also stay healthy for longer, although there are major social differences. This new situation poses unprecedented challenges: for policymakers, for civil society and for the elderly themselves.

Where and how to live? How to make facilities accessible? How to guarantee incomes and prevent poverty? How to enable workable work? How to organize appropriate care? And above all: how to guarantee social participation and human rights of the elderly?

Do we manage to deal with the ageing of society inclusively?

We want a Commissioner for the Rights of the Elderly who receives and handles complaints from the elderly. Who stands up for their human rights, also as a civil party. It monitors the quality of services and facilities.

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