6th European Green Party Congress in Copenhagen

We are super excited, the European Green Seniors (ENGS) are meeting at the 6th European Green Party Congress in Copenhagen. Every five years, the Green Congress gathers over 1000 Green representatives, from ministers to grassroots activists in the member parties.

On Saturday 3rd at 7 pm to 9 pm ENGS will have a General Assembly, which is open for all members. EGP will help us with a livestream, so everybody can follow our session. So you are all invited, to join us!

We’ll start with organizational points, but we’ll keep this part short and want to spend more time on the second part.

We will have a presentation of the main subjects of „Age-friendly Cities and communities“, a project of the World Health Organization. We want to discuss this as an example of how to translate the Manifesto in concrete activities.

Then we will discuss our revised manifesto.

Irmgard Seidler (Austria), Kerstin Andersson (Sweden), Pirkko Telaranta (Finland), Christa Möller-Metzger (Germany) and Kris Fierens (Belgium) wil be on site.

We hope, we will see you all on Saturday evening! We will send you the link, just email one of us.

Text: Christa Möller-Metzger

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