60plus – and suddenly a risk group?

20210401_SharePic Corona-Talks XII (60plus) IIUnder the motto “60plus – and suddenly a risk group”, Christa Möller-Metzger (senior political spokeswoman for the Greens in the Hamburg Parliament and boardmenber of ENGS) will speak on April 1st from 7 p.m. in German about the relapse of images of old age caused by Corona.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, older people in particular have been portrayed in the media as needing help, lonely and sick. The daily flood of images makes them feel really old and see themselves particularly at risk from Corona. Older people, who are active and committed, who work on a voluntary basis, who support the food banks or teach refugees are rarely shown in the public eye. This depresses your own self-esteem and also influences your own perception. Maybe for the next generations too.

Experts from 3 generations are invited to the interview:
o Prof. Dr. Annette Franke, Professor of Health Sciences, EH Ludwigsburg
o Annemarie Kron, senior trainer and director of the Hamburg senior citizens office
o Rosa Domm, member of the Green Youth and the Green parliamentary group in the Hamburg Parliament, spokeswoman for climate policy and the mobility transition

The participants ask themselves the following questions:
o What is happening with Corona right now?
o What do the new old images of old age mean for the next generations?
o How do you change your perspective?
Prof. Franke shows pictures from a current study on the subject that say a lot about this development. (Media images of old age in the Covid 19 pandemic, https://www.image-19.de)

The live stream will be shown on the Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels of the Greens Hamburg.
Or simply here: www.gruene-hamburg.de/fraktion-live

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