Fasten your seat belts

Fasten your seat belts, here comes the REAL boogie man! Just enjoy

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Do it together – Young and old People on her way

Dutch pragmatism at its best! Meet Humanitas, the Dutch old-folks home in Deventer where students can live for free if they agree to spend at least 30 hours a month socialising with the older residents.

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Silver Economy – Innovation on EU-level

Silver Generation – what are the values? For whom?

The Silver Economy – Innovation Union – European Commission

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What’s going on for Pensionsystems in EU?

Consultation about pensionssystems in Europe – Social Pillar Consultation process will end 31.12.2016

How will EU commission  work for equal Pensionsystems? What kind of standards are needed? Member states are in discussion about it.

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easier living AAL EU-project

TOPIC is a European Research Project under the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme conducted by a consortium of 9 partners from both academia and industry in Austria, France and Germany. Our consortium aims to support informal carers in their daily needs. We provide an integrated set of online-shared spaces and services to support the physical and mental care ability of informal carers by enabling learning and orientation about care at home.

We strive to offer a platform for informal carers’ cooperation with formal carers, by improving, integrating, and making mobile multimodal communication easier and accessible. We facilitate exchange between informal carers and other informal carers, friends, or family members.

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Brexit – how to healing our divided communities?

Green Party | Jean Lambert MEP: “The most important thing now is healing our divided communities” -important-thing-now-is-healing-our-divided-communities/




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don’t worry – just try it

many ways for successful aging…

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Wow – political education for elderly people

Senior Parliament – this is how political education works

Parliament Vienna, Austria, 25.5.2016

70 older persons coming from political factions of Parliament are working, for one day, as deputies and together they debate about an amendment to the law on pensions.

The task for the “federal deputies for one day” consisted of discussing and passing an important political decision, passed by the national assembly. The participants took their seats in the assembly hall of the Austrian Parliament. First, the coming into law and the procedures of a session of the federal council were being explained. The simulation included fractionation, preparation for the committee meeting of the faction, committee meeting of all parties and a full hour of plenary session.


One point was the bill to extend the retirement age to 68. All factions had the opportunity to raise their arguments during the discussion session. The Green faction, represented by the “federal counsellor” Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel, presented the proposed green pension model which does not increase the retirement age. This model has been calculated and prepared for many years; it guarantees the subsistence for older people now as well as for the following generations, thus following a new path for people of any age towards a secure old age.


The Green proposal also suggests to include the youth parliament in such discussions in order to make decisions with all generations – in accordance with Green social safeguards and generational justice.

This kind of political education should become a permanent institution in Parliament in order to offer political education also for older people.

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What we can learn, what we can use to cope with ageing. Development of technologies offers health and care services.

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New Zilverblad

Groen Plus Zilverblad – you want to know more?



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