Solidarity and Freedom for Europe

Our result of our Parallel Session in Utrecht, 20.5.2016 – clear words, clear position




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Goals towards 2019 EGP



#ENGS2016 #EGP24
Strategy goals towards 2019
“…Our political action should be orientated in becoming a reliable ally of the main civil organisations that deals with environmental questions, but also with groups in many other social and political fields. The bridges are there: we just need to cross them. We should strive to try to provide opportunities of allowing people that want to be an active part of Europe to using EGP to do that.”

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Brandnew ENGS-Team


Tony Cooreman (Treasure), Ute Schmitz (was our Generalsecretary for long period, thank you so much), Marjatta Donner (was our Vice-chair-woman last period, thank you so much) Vivianne Gunnarsson (new Vice-Chair-Woman), Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel (new Press Officer), Frank Hauser (new Generalsecretary), Annette Muggenthaler (new Chair-Woman), Reino Lampinen (new Legal Adviser)

We would like to thank Tom van der Wal, Walter Decoene for years of working for ENGS.

Congratulation for the new ENGS-board, we will do our best!

For Generationpolicy, Elderly rights, against Age-Discrimination, Protection for healthy enviroment for our children and grandchildren, new housing-models for  Generations…

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ENGS at EGP Council, Utrecht 20.-22.2016


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Cultural moves are bridges – Report from Sweden

Last saturday, 20. 3. 2016,  80 delegates had gathered to vote for a New period of the Green Party, Stockholm region. In all 26 communities were assembled. The 80 delegates voted for a new board and the plan of the year.

The key-note speaker was our Green minister for culture and democracy, Alice Bah Ghunke. She  inspired us to move on as a civil society and work for a society with true democratic insight. We have the good fortune to live in a country which foster democracy through the work of great many NGOs .

Most Swedens have been members of one or more NGOs from an early age, such as scouting, nature and adventure associations, orchestras, choirs, Red Cross for young people etc. That foster a sence of community, collaboration and solidarity. We thereby learn democracy at an early age. Now when we get more people in the country with different backgrounds it will be very important to communicate the learnings we have got ourself about what democracy is. All types of cultural moves are bridges to better understanding between people of true democracy.


Vivianne Gunnarsson, Green seniors Sweden

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Merry Christmas and happy New Year

To all those who celebrate  Christmas
Our best wishes for freedom, peace and love
May the lights of the tree
Enlighten our minds, warm our hearts
May they spread wisdom, compassion and understanding
For those standing in the dark
Happy holidays and a very happy, peaceful and New Year
Birgit, Ute, Marjatta, Vivianne, Tony, Tom, Walter and ENGS-Friends

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Paris and the World 2015



First of all, we dearly like to share our feelings with the people, killed or injured, in Paris, France, on the 12th of November. 129 people, their life ended suddenly. It has been said before, this does not stand alone. The last few years we have seen attacks in London, Paris, Istanbul, to mention a few. Indeed lots of people killed in a violent way. But let us not forget the violence in more remote areas, like Syria, like Rwanda, like Afghanistan. Every human life taken by violence is a single tragedy. We now did experience 129 single tragedies. We object to this counting in numbers. Syrian people killed by either IS or Assad are as many individual tragedies. Let us mourn now, but then try to prevent, on a human and ecological friendly way, try to take away the reasons to leave home and friends, to face an uncertain future.


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Green Seniors on the march to COP21 in Paris


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On the way to COP21

Climate change is the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century.

Green Seniors are on the way to Paris. Walking for Climate change together.

WHO | Health and Climate Change: Road to COP21

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There is no planet B – Lyon 2015

 imageThere is no Planet B…  The fight against poverty due to climate change

Parallel Session, EGP Lyon, 13.-15.11.2105, Lyon

European Network Green Seniors

Saturday, 14 November 2015, 14.00-15.30

 “Elderly people increasingly live in fear of poverty caused by climate change. Costs of energy are constantly rising and not just over the winter time as hot summers also imply fans or other energy output to cool. The question we would like to raise during this parallel session is how our society will be able to prevent climate change and to get government support for poverty affecting elderly people. We will also discuss several existing models to reduce energy costs and to strengthen the efforts for climate change. We fight for all generations.”



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