European elections, episode 3: Sweden

Report from Kerstin Andersson, Sweden

Our campaign

Boardmember Kerstin from Sweden (right)

 We had three posters with our three top candidates  with a very simple message. Alice Bah Kunhke (52) is known for her courage (Swedish modet) in human rights questions. Per Holmgren (59) has been a TV metrologist hence ‘Klimatet’. Isabella Lovin (61) known for her engagement in fishing politics hence sea (Swedish havet).

These posters were found where people met, here at a local spring market, att shopping malls Along the  minor roads, where people were driving more slowly.

We also got alot of medial coverage on the radio and TV channels. We were also effective reporting in social media for local events, for example a visit from a candidate.

During the last three weeks we distributed our brochures in door knocking activities, in booths where people could come and talk, or just handing out at computer train stations or other local activities. People really wanted our material, and were very positive. Many of us heard ‘ ‘you are the only alternative’ 

In this election Green seniors were able to campaignat times  when despite  many people were being  at work there were alot of people around on the streets. Here two Green Seniors (Kerstin Andersson and Bengt Holwaster) are campaigning at a local event. We had a green senior pamphlet that was well received.

Our election result

We are very pleased with the outcome of the election, all three of our top candidates will have seats in the parliament. The election turnout was 53,39%, 1.88% less than in the last EU election. Overall Miljöpartiet got 13.85% of the vote making us overall the third largest party in Sweden. In Stockholm city we were the largest party, we also did very well in rural areas where we previously haven’t had any representation.

The Future

Our next general election in Sweden is two years away. Usually we do better in the EU elections than the national elections. Our challenge is to reverse this trend by working on engaging more young people. As seniors we must engage, and not say the young are not our business.

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