“Elderly People Now and Elderly People in the Future – The Social Dimension of Ageing“

ENGS – Fringe Meeting – 02.04.2011 in Budapest –  Marriot Hotel Room Margit B – 16.15 – 18.00 h


“Elderly People Now and Elderly People in the Future – The Social Dimension of Ageing“


18 Partcipants: see list

Leader of the Workshop: Jocelyne Le Boulicaut


1) Participants introduce themselves


2) Short introduction of the White Book

– Support by GEF

–  Authors

–  6 Indicators

–  Good practice models

– Launching on Sunday between 10.00 h and  10.30 h


3) Introduction of the lack of EGP-Paper New Green Deal:

–       The social dimension for elderly people is not mentioned enough


4)  What perspectives for social dimension for the elderly in ageing in Europe

What are the existing national laws that we, as ecologists could spport and would to promote in our programme so that they could become European laws?


The 12 points of the agenda get now in:


a) Payment and Pensions

– Labour rights for future generations

– Discrimination of elderly woman

– The Greens have to find a new way for the pension system


b) Health

– Professional care and family care

(Feminisation of the responsibility of caring, lack of qualification, low saleries, part time jobs, lack of the permanence of the care team- faminly care: mainly women)

Question: How we acknowladge the fact ? What structures do we favour ? What financial regognition? Place of society?)

– Loss of autonomy and end of life

– Demencia

– Suicide

– Patient instraction (?) (Patientenverfügung)

– Hospiz

– Drugs like Alcohol and medicin


c) Habitat

– Housing

– Elderly friendly and urban and rural environments

– Transport

(in some European countries – free transportation – cheeper tickets, barrier free busses and trains)

– Place in society (for example: multi generational houses)


– Culture

– communication and information

(youngsters and elderly often excluded from information)

– isolation


d) Solidarity

– Respect,  social recognition and inclusion

– Volountary work

– Abuse, neglect and financial violence

(Financial abuse of grandparents by grandchilds)



e) FYEG will meet ENGS soon to develop with us a seminar under the title „Pensions“.

The seminar should take place in the beginning of  2012. Our partners to talk about the project are Markus Darge and Nicola.



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