Paris and the World 2015



First of all, we dearly like to share our feelings with the people, killed or injured, in Paris, France, on the 12th of November. 129 people, their life ended suddenly. It has been said before, this does not stand alone. The last few years we have seen attacks in London, Paris, Istanbul, to mention a few. Indeed lots of people killed in a violent way. But let us not forget the violence in more remote areas, like Syria, like Rwanda, like Afghanistan. Every human life taken by violence is a single tragedy. We now did experience 129 single tragedies. We object to this counting in numbers. Syrian people killed by either IS or Assad are as many individual tragedies. Let us mourn now, but then try to prevent, on a human and ecological friendly way, try to take away the reasons to leave home and friends, to face an uncertain future.


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