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New entry, 24.10,2012: When one registers on the couchsurfing site, one is asked to say what one’s mission is ….. when I filled my profile, that question really puzzled me : did I have a mission ? does a 65 yrs old person still have a mission ? and then I decided that maybe it would be interesting  to have a mission and after giving it some thought I decided that  my mission would be to count as many first times as I could before the end of my life.

When I was 40, I was convinced that a Senior did not have much more to discover, that there would be very few, if not none first times at 65. That is why, nowadays, every first time is exhilarating for me. So imagine my state of mind at Day J – 8 when I think of all the first times I am going to have within a week !

First time I’ll travel on a night train

First time I’ll travel with so many people all together

First time I’ll have such a long journey by train

First time I’ll go to some of these countries

Already today, first time I sent an email to Praha. A lady there wants to start a Green Senior Group, so we’ll try and meet as we will have one day stop in that city. If you want to meet me, us, as we journey, the itinerary is posted on the EGP website, leave me a comment and I’ll reply immediately.

All these first times ….. but does that mean that when I am 90 I will still have first times ? isn’t that enthusiastic ? I can’t wait to know ….. I am not going to say that I want to be that age today , but I am curious:  what sort of first times will I have then  …  and it even makes me laugh to know that my last thing on earth will be a first time … the first time in my life I’ll die …. although I did experience a NDE when I was 21.

In fact I have realised that I couldn’t have chosen a better mission. Enjoying these first times, searching for first times, accepting first times when they come my way gives me many pleasurable, sometimes very happy moments and they are always interesting  …. like carving a half uncooked  pig with a young Hungarian man when couchsurfing in Budapest !

Anyway, promised, I’ll tell you all about all my first times on the journey.

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