Green Seniors on Protest Trial

On the protest trail in Vienna

The Greens of Austria seniors wanted to know. In which areas of Vienna, people have protested earlier uhd today in many different forms?

Against state arbitrariness, abuse of power, against destruction of living environments. But even for something: for a free cultural center for the personal and social freedom, for their rights.

The Vienna protest trail, an excellent project of the Center for Political Education POLIS has given the suggestion to do so.

On the way from WUK on the Ringstrasse, Parliament, the school Rahlgasse and the grid square have seniors (Gerti Zupanich, Schorschi Schrems, Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel) and Deputy District Chairwoman Barbara Neuroth-past and present places illuminated. Each and every one of them is itself part of the history of this place and has thus helped to write the story.

Here to meet young people who are interested in it, what seniors to this place leads (school Rahlgasse) – and who tells of her own present right there, was a completely unplanned and not staged wonderful encounter of generations.

protest 2

this is the link to the POLIS project:

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