Green Seniors are relevant

In the agreement between the Social Democrats and the Green Party in Vienna (November 2010), at the initiative of the Green Party a separate chapter is devoted to the topic of older people.

Not as regards care or disabled people (which we also consider very important) but as persons who are active and participate fully in society – and who are not marginalized any longer.


Seniors are a growing segment of the population. This is not a problem, as some people think but a fulfilling task for politics. This task is to enable older people to live many beautiful, active and self-determined years. Especially as regards appropriate options for leisure, living, care and support.
More than 350.000 persons in Vienna are 60 years or older. They want and also are able to enjoy – after a life of hard work – many nice and active years. The city supports them in their mobility (Vienna public transportation system, pedestrian-friendly traffic measures), offers free space for their activities (in 172 pensioners’ clubs and senior meeting points), local supply by means of markets, education (from public libraries to adult education), adequate living, one of the best health systems in the world, but also adequate care and support, where it becomes necessary (by means of the numerous mobile social services, day care centres, flat sharing as well as care residences).
Housing projects such as generationen: wohnen (flexible designs, barrier freedom and social services) consider the needs of older residents and are increasingly becoming available. Also district projects which systematically develop improvements for older people in residential areas and offer self-determined living also in old age, are increasingly gaining importance.

Translation: Kitty Weinberger

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