Green Generationpolicy in Stockholm

Success for Generationpolicy in Stockholms County Council. Benefit für young and old with low income. Public Transport and free health care.

In the Stockholm County Council the budget for health-services, public transport, regional developement and regional culture was discussed in two days. It is a 9 billion Euro budget for two million inhabitants. Stockholm County Council is with its 149 delegates the second biggest parlamentarian assembly in Sweden. It is ruled by a minority of 4 conservative and liberal parties. In opposition are the Green party, the Social democrats, the left Wing and the utter most nationalistic party the Sweden democrats.



Two Victories for the opposition and of course for the Greens was that the suggestion to rise the Price for public transport tickets did not pass. This is something that young and elderly people can benefit from, especially people with low pensions. A desicion that passed against the ruling minority alliance was to offer free health care services at all levels for people from 85 years of age.

Here is Vivianne Gunnarsson delegate in the County Council and a member of the ENGS board presenning a proposition that the Council should use gender budgeting to get fair budgets for both men and women and as a tool for sustainability.

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