Green Economics Institute’s first annual winter networking day

This was exciting today: two representatives of the Green Seniors spoke at the Green Economics Institute’s first annual winter networking day in London.

Christa Möller-Metzger spoke about her favorite theme: age-friendly cities and communities and the new narrative about the elderly. Images of old age have changed and it is time that society responds. What we need are better conditions for social participation, like barrier-free access, cross-generational meeting points, lifelong learning, multi-generational houses, shared apartments and caring communities.

Agneta Granström spoke about the changes in living conditions in the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, where sheAgneta Granström lives. She showed us the nature in front of her house through her cell phone: the river is not frozen over as usual, there is hardly any snow. When rivers and lakes freeze, the ice is too thin and herds of 3.000 reindeer have collapsed and drowned. And in the last days also moose, which always take the same routes Agneta's.outdoorand can no longer rely on them because the ice is breaking. Because of lack of snow, the grass is frozen and when animals eat it, there is too much water in their stomach, and they get ill or starve.


Important information on a very interesting conference, with speakers from all over the world, like from Fridays for future, as well as economists from Japan, migration and sustainability experts and many more.


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