Corona: Call for Convention on Europe Day

flag-2608475_960_720The European Green Seniors decided today, on Europe Day 2020, the following declaration:
We see it as our political responsibility to express our collective concern at this time of the tragedy that has hit us all.
COVID19 virus has hit the global community, the effects are devastating. It hit with the power of a gigantic earthquake that shook the foundations of societies around the world. No country was prepared for it, let alone had or still has drugs or vaccines against it. The scientific community is working closely to develop both, and expects a breakthrough after clinical studies are completed in 2021 at the earliest. They are doing their best to advise politicians about the medical aspects and effects of this pandemic.
It is now up to politicians to take measures to contain this pandemic and to adopt measures to protect the population.
While the current pandemic is slowing down, at least in some countries, some groups, including the older generation, are at greater risk of infection and mortality. It is imperative that no legal and moral rights are violated.
But much more than that: There are major challenges and changes worldwide. There can be no more neoliberal, finance and profit-oriented “business as usual”: not for the many disadvantaged people, whether old or young in the European Union, not for companies, trade, industry, transport, agriculture. And especially not for diplomatic relations within the Union.
Our generation was the founder of the Greens and saw the party develop into the positive force that it became worldwide. Without the Greens it would be unthinkable what would have happened to Europe. We are now senior citizens of the European Greens. Our voice, our mind, our visions are still strong.
We hereby propose: All European Greens organizations call on the European Union to discuss, negotiate and implement social adjustments and changes.
With green voices and vision, a socially just Europe can become a reality.

2020-05-09, Board of European Network of Green Seniors

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