Conclusions Workshop “ Green Seniors” : politica verde para los mayores

Conclusions Workshop “ Green Seniors” : politica verde para los mayores

Beire ( Pamplona)- Navarra – Spain -Friday the 30th of July 2010-08-02

II Universidad de Verano de los Verdes – Navarra 2010

Present : 14 participants ( 11 Spanish- 1 Greece – 2 Belgian)

Moderator : Tony Cooreman

Translation : Annette Mugenthaler and Colin Lyne

1.        In 20 years from now, 45% of the Spanish population will be over 50 . What means that more the 50% of the voters will be seniors.

Greens, how many % of your voters are today over 50? And are you prepared to accept the seniors helping hand to improve this figure?

2.        We seniors,  we know that European social-economical- and financial crises always are related on elderly- ageing. Too long, elderly have been blamed for being tax and budget burdens . For us, that in itself is one form of age discrimination.

Let us, green seniors, with the trumps we have in hand ( time, experience, knowledge, freedom of speech…..) inspire the Spanish Green Parties to work together with the Green Seniors to find solutions for this ageing, as well on local Spanish level then on European level.

But, all, don’t forget and remember : “ NOTHING ABOUT US  , WITHOUT US “

3.        Coming from different Spanish regions, the Green Seniors agreed that it is a necessity to start with the “Spanish Federation of Green Seniors” . Over all different parties , the Spanish Green Seniors will work together as a representative group of the Spanish Greens over 50.

4.        The Spanish Green Seniors will define a short basic political platform, based on the ENGS Manifesto, adapted on the local situation and needs.

5.        Annette Mugenthaller accepted the ( temporary) co-ordination ship , assisted by Colin Lyne.

6.        As soon as the Spanish senior group is started up, they will co-operate on the ENGS White Paper we write, “ An Other Ageing is Possible”.

7.        Tony Cooreman will send a request to all present , to look and search in Spain ( and Greece)  to good examples- good practice models to introduce in to the second part of the ENGS White Paper.

8.        We invite the Spanish Green Seniors to our next ENGS General Meeting at the occasion of the EGP Autumn Council in Tallinn- Estland ( 8th of October) and to the Fringe Meeting we organise the same day , devoted at the White Paper project.

9.        We, Spanish Green Seniors, start up our national group. We hope to collaborate with the Spanish Young Greens, who gave already the good example that collaboration

over all Spanish regions is desirable, possible .

10.       Animo y adelante –  Yes we can!


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