Ageism Awareness Day

Ageism Awareness Day will be held on 7 October 2022. It is centred around the UN’s International Day of Older Persons which occurs every year on 1 October. The activities on the day will support the growing social movement to shift attitudes towards older age and older people and provide resources and tools to take action to end ageism. 

When you express your opinion about people, you have images in your head. Of migrants, queer, young or old people. These images have a decisive influence on how we think about other people.  And how we make politics. 

Of course, we know that there are not t h e migrants, t h e queer people, t h e young people or t h e old people. 

Differences are mainly made by education and income.

But people often don’t look that closely when they talk about old people for example. 

Yet more than 23 per cent of people who have experienced discrimination in the last 5 years have experienced disadvantages due to age, women more often than men.

For Ageism Awareness Day, we want to take a close look at what ageism does to us and our society and have invited Valentina Ludwig of the German of gerontological psychologist and professor Dr. Eva-Marie Kessler to present the current study on age images and age discrimination in Germany. 

Afterwards, we want to get into conversation with all participants from the different countries.

And the topic is not only interesting for older people, it is about good coexistence, about resources and experiences on the labour market or about social engagement. 

So come and join us. The link will be send soon.

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