ENGS was on stage in Liverpool 2017 Global Green Congress

The Green Congress Liverpool 2017

Members of the European Networking of Green Seniors  (ENGS) were present on the Global Green Conference in Liverpool on 28 march to 2 April 2017. They exchange their experiences with other countries about caring elder people and how to come up to defend the senior rights in society. 

They also participated with the delegates of the Greens of the European countries on the social pillar on social rights; viewing from an age perspective. 

A resolution for the European Parliament was elaborated and amendment. A final text was voted. But ENGS and many other participants want to going further on with this resolution and work in groups to make it better and stronger. So they think that both, decision makers and citizens, will have to shape new avenues in terms of life-long education, conditions governing the transition from working age to retirement, the funding of pension systems, but also on solutions that enable our senior citizens to live longer at home or in Senior Homes, in their communities of choice. 

The board of the European Green Seniors, who is new since half 2016, worked also on his own program and activities and will help develop age related questions to put it on the European agenda. Also they will support initiatives of their members to put questions on the table of local governments. 


On the photo: the board of ENGS: Tony Cooreman (Flanders/Belgium), Anette Muggenthaler (Germany), Vivianne Gunnarson (Sweden), Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel (Austria), Frank Hauser (Germany), Reino Lampinen (Finland).


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Treaties of Rome – 60th Anniversary

Commenting on the 60th anniversary of the signature of the Treaties of Rome, European Party Co-Chairs Reinhard Bütikofer and Monica Frassoni said:


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Green Seniors on stage

follow this link and see our you tube:

European Green Council Paris 2012 – but always up to date

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Älter ist nicht gern gesehen…

Demografie-Conference Poetry Slam from Svenja Gräfen


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Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2016


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Speech in City Council Vienna December 2016


City Council Vienna, Budget Discussion, 12 December 2016

EUROPE Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel

A week ago yesterday, something happened, the importance of which may only become apparent in a few years.

The Austrian population made a choice and thus took a decision which was noted all over the world.

Politics during the last months had been characterized by an almost unstoppable rise of right populist and extreme right parties and by so-called ‘anger votes’ at referenda, which quite often left behind them a ‘political pile of broken glass’.

But on December 4, something happened, that seems like a fairy tale, considering the events worldwide: A small people in Central Europe defies the tendency noted everywhere and clearly rebuffs rightwing populism and demagogics!

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Green Seniors FINLAND



ENGS  Reino Lampinen 10 December 2016

Activities of the Green seniors in Finland

During this year our two associations, the nation wide Ikävihreätand the local Helsinki group, IKIVI (altogether c. 50 members)have concentrated on the resistance to two political issues:

- citizen initiative to raise the work pensions by modifying the index from today’s balanced one (80 % depending on the change of consumer costs and 20 % on the change of wages) to follow exclusively the wage index
- proposal by the Government to decrease the ratio of nursing personnel to the patients in care of the elderly from 0,5 to 0,4.

The citizen initiative that gets at least 50 000 signatures in six months will be handled and decided by the Parliament. This one was highly successful with 85 000 signatures. It was presented to the Parliament 8 November. The previous day Ikävihreät and the association of Young Greens and Students launched a common stance stating that the proposal would mean more support for the prosperous pensioners, no benefit for the poorest ones on the state basic pension (who’s pension index depend exclusive on the consumer price index). In addition, the only way to finance the raise of higher pensions would be raising the pension tariff (now in average 24 %) for those still in working life, and in particular for the younger generation.

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7. Altenbericht Deutschland

Am 11. November 2016 ist der 7. Altenbericht veröffentlicht worden. Als Bundestags-Drucksache 18/10210 ist er allen Interessierten zugänglich.

Der Titel: „Sorge und Mitverantwortung in der Kommune – Aufbau und Sicherung zukunftsfähiger Gemeinschaften“.

Der Altenbericht erklärt, welche Voraussetzungen vor Ort gegeben sein müssen, damit ein gutes Leben im Alter möglich ist. “Mit Blick auf Gesundheit, Pflege, Wohnen und Mobilität hat die zuständige Sachverständigenkommission herausgearbeitet, wie die Kommunen gesellschaftliche Teilhabe und eine möglichst lange selbstständige Lebensführung älter werdender Menschen sicherstellen können. Dabei hat die Kommission auch Defizite und Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten benannt sowie Empfehlungen an die Politik ausgesprochen.” (aus KDA-Forum Seniorenarbeit NRW, siehe LINK)

Der Siebte Altenbericht kann unter www.siebter-altenbericht.de

kostenlos heruntergeladen oder als Druckfassung bestellt werden.

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ENGS Team complete – Glasgow EGP 2016


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Gender Pension Gap at EGP 2016 Glasgow

Why women have low pension after familywork, care, parttime-jobs – the gender pension gap is leading to agepovertyIMG_0192

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