Meeting with EGP

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-21 um 09.11.34This morning we had an intensive conversation with Mar Garcia (General Secretary of EGP), Thomas Waitz (Co-Chair) and Jean Lambert (Member of the Committee of EGP and the European Parliament). From ENGS were there Vivianne and Agneta from Sweden, Irmgard from Austria, Christa and Frank from Germany and Reino from Finland. We would like to officially be a member of EGP with the right to make proposals and amendments directly to EGP, not only through our national Parties, and also vote on them. The three EGP representatives took our request with them – and welcomed proposals and promised support, also financial, for our plans and ideas. In addition, we want to meet at least once a year in the future to exchange ideas. This is a good start!


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About Christa Möller

Journalist and Speaker of the Hamburg Green 60plus, member of the German Board of Green seniors and die European Board of Green Seniors
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